A “Liberal” Look at Obamacare


President Obama has just one job – to serve the American public and to serve them well.  There are many who believe that with Obamacare he has failed.  Recent polls are suggesting that there are less people supporting Obamacare now than they did when it was first announced.

Across the Unites States, people are losing their existing insurance policies, premiums are going through the roof and millions of people who actually want to use the system are finding that they can’t.

While the US health system was already in disarray it seems that many people feel that Obamacare has made things even worse, instead of improving the systems in place.  The following 9 reasons are just some of the current thoughts from the American public about Obamacare:

  1. According to some, Obamacare is a complete failure and many do not want to have anything to do with it.  At the moment, Healthcare.gov is not working properly and people are finding it increasingly difficult to sign up. Indeed, those that are managing to be successful have to spend several hours, if not days on the telephone and on their computers.
  2. The Health Insurance Marketplace was supposed to give people a choice, a wee of comparing prices. In some States that is not happening- people are only being given one insurance provider to choose from
  3. According to some, Obamacare has forced insurance premiums up. In fact, there are some who have found that their premiums are set to double each month.
  4. President Obama promised that those who were happy on their existing health insurance plan could stay on them. That has not been allowed to happen and, across the Country, plans are being cancelled and people forced onto Obamacare plans.
  5. Many employers are now withdrawing company health insurance because of Obamacare.
  6. Many people are losing their jobs because of Obamacare – just recently a large number of Doctors in Connecticut were fired by United Healthcare. These were mostly doctors who were caring for patients on Medicare Advantage which is a plan for seniors.
  7. The website that people are supposed to use to register on, that doesn’t work, cost more than $93 million to build
  8. While some believe that they have registered successfully in Obamacare, in actual fact, they haven’t. Data is not being transmitted from the system to the insurance companies.
  9. Obamacare is a very complicated system, with the regulations being more than a million words in length! The problem seems to be that the data is being transmitted, then pulled back, transmitted and then pulled back again. Some insurance companies have actually gotten to the stage where they are not sure if the enrolments they are receiving are even real.

So, what are the chances of Obamacare disappearing quietly into a pile of paper? None, not right now anyway.  While Barack Obama still holds the Presidency, Obamacare will continue to roll and there will be no major changes to it either.

There is a high percentage of the American public that now believes that Obamacare and, by association, the Presidential administration, is the health care system of the United States of America.

How true that is really remains to be seen as it is something that only time can tell. However, the whole system has not gotten off to a good start and people are bow being told that they have until the end of March this year to enrol.

Or what?  Well, if they don’t, for every month that they go without insurance, they will be charged a fee on top of their federal taxes………..

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