Obamacare – Where are we now?

aca_obamacare_enrollment_rtr_img_0Obamacare is here to stay whether the American public likes it or not. President Obama introduced the Affordable Care act in 2010 and 2014 is the year it all begins to take shape.

Or so the Obama Administration would have you believe anyway. The polls, perhaps, tell another story. Fox News has been carrying out regular polls over the last couple of years and the new figures from the latest one are in.

According the figures, the number of those who support the 2010 Affordable Care Act has reduced and those who are against has gone up significantly. As well as that, the vast majority of those who responded to the poll believe that their health insurance costs will spiral out of control with the absolute minority believing that this Act will improve the level and the quality of their health care.

The latest poll found that 59% of those who voted were dead against the Affordable Care Act – that’s an increase of 4% from the 55% who said the same thing 6 months ago.This increase is a pretty even mix of Democratic voters and Independent voters.

Around 30% of Democratic voters are opposed to the act – that number stood at 22% 6 months ago. Opposition from the Independent voters jumped from 53% in June 2013 to 64% now. In total around 36% of those who voted showed support for the Affordable Care Act which is a reduction from 40% in June 2013.

That is split as follows: 64% Democratic voters, 29% Independent voters and 11% of Republican voters stand in favour of Obamacare.

Enrolment opened on October 1s 2013 with a requirement for cover to be in place by January 1st 2014. Enrolment closes on 32st March and, for those who have not enrolled and do not have any form of health insurance, a fee will be charged for every month the go without. That fee is payable on top of their end of year Federal tax return.

When asked about their reasons for opposing the Affordable Care Act, 62% of voters said that they firmly believed their insurance premiums would go up by a significant amount. 63% believed that their taxes would rise and 56% believe that the Federal deficit will be increased.

19% of voters however believe that they will see an increase in the level and the quality of their health care. 39% believe the opposite; they feel it will get worse while 37% believe that it will remain exactly as it is.

So by a margin of 44% to 36% overall voters are of the opinion that health care will go be reduced instead of increased as promised and they believe that this will affect American citizens across the board.

By a margin of 59% to 38%, the overall vote is for disapproval of the way President Obama has handled he subject of health care. In fact, the highest rating he received was back in 2012 when he managed to reap a 48% approval rating and his lowest was 36% in November last year.

Some of the more prominent lawmakers in the country are now beginning to ask how secure the health care exchanges are and are raising the subject of the probability of identity theft. 60% of voters have no confidence in the health care website to keep their personal information safe. 37% are relatively confident while just 9% believe their information will be secure.

The Fox polls are carried out using telephone calls on both fixed and cell phone lines and are a random sample of 1,010 registered voters across the whole country.

2 Comments on “Obamacare – Where are we now?

  1. This whole thing is a JOKE! It was supposed to be for the people. It was supposed to help people out… And where are we now?? SIITING AT OUR COMPUTERS STILL TRYING TO LOG IN!!

    Not impressed.

    • Take a breath mate. There are always going to be issues when trying to implement something this incredible but it’ll all get sorted in the end.

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