Who is Michael Cromwell?

You might not have heard of me before but that’s ok. For the last 19 years, I’ve been the man behind the desk at some of the largest government health institutions in our great country.

I did my job with pride and honor, knowing that I was helping make this country great.

But over the last 2 years, things have started to change. Not only has the government policy of this country started to walk a very tight line between serving the people of America the way they deserve to be served and treating them as second class citizens.

This shift in government policy has spurred me to step out from behind the desk and to start to share my concerns, doubts, and fears with the rest of the great people of this country.

This blog is my attempt to make a difference and push this country back to where it rightly deserves to be!

If you like what you’re reading and want to contribute, please make sure you leave a comment. It’s always nice to hear that people and benefitting from what I’m contributing.

There are many special people I would like to thank for their support in developing this website. Starting a website to share my voice, ideas, and concerns is something that fell WAY outside my scope of expertise and was almost enough to ensure this project didn’t happen.

Luckily for me, my good friend Charles put together this great guide on how to make a website and it got me through the process simply and easily.

They helped me register my domain name, get the best hosting, and even taught me how to upload these articles that you’ve been reading.

So, thank you.

If you’ve been inspired by reading this blog and want to start your very own website, please support the people who’ve made this possible and check out Your Brand New Website.

They don’t charge for their guidance and assistance. They only ask that you use their links when you sign up for different services as they make a small commission when you do that allows them to keep helping others.

I’d also like to thank my wife, Meg, for her VERY generous support and encouragement through this process. The transition from being a full-time policy research assistant to a full time website writer has been a very scary and confusing process. Without her support, I doubt I would have ever made it this far.

Thank you darling, you’ve been a guiding light and inspiration.



Michael Chromwell
July 3rd, 2009